Counting visitors and intelligent insights into their behaviour

aerolytics records and evaluates customer movement data in real time and provides important information for the placement of stores and products. Conventional solutions such as light barriers are eclipsed by aerolytics' comprehensive statistics and movement profiles.

Trend monitoring also enables changes in customer behavior to be identified at an early stage and offers the opportunity to proactively adapt offers.

Intelligente Einblicke in Besucherverhalten

aerolytics records and evaluates customer movement data in real time and provides important information for the placement of stores and products. Conventional solutions such as light barriers are eclipsed by aerolytics' comprehensive statistics and movement profiles.

Trend monitoring also enables changes in customer behavior to be identified at an early stage and offers the opportunity to proactively adapt offers.

Customer flows, dwell time and more

With the help of information such as time spent, number and interests of your visitors, you not only create a meaningful basis for decision-making for your strategic planning, but also generate additional revenue at the same time.

Provide performance reports for your partners such as stand and shop tenants and maximise your profits at the same time!

Personalized shopping experience in stationary retail

By using aerolytics, shopping centers and retailers can not only improve their efficiency, but also their customer service.

The software enables personalized offers and recommendations based on customers' individual purchasing behaviour and interests. This gives customers a unique and customized shopping experience, which leads to greater customer loyalty.

aerolytics Besucheranalyse

Analyse and use customer data in real time with Aerolytics

Data and values added

Find out which stores, stands or other areas attract many customers and which need to be made a little more attractive.

Visitors are recorded for each defined zone and can be analyzed for freely adjustable periods of time. 

This means that reliable statements can be made about the attractiveness of all areas, even if they only contribute indirectly to sales generation. 

Another important characteristic for the attractiveness of an area is how long customers stay in a store or area. 

Aerolytics records the average and maximum dwell time of customers. 

Even if total figures or percentage data on the distribution of customer visits is certainly useful, a visualized form is still better suited for displaying customer flows.

A heat map clearly displays your customers' favorite routes. This allows you to identify possible optimizations at a glance.

The heatmap is suitable both for live viewing and for analyzing past data.

Find out how often customers or visitors have searched for a store or stand. 

On the one hand, many search queries indicate a high level of customer interest. On the other hand, it also means that certain products or stores are not present enough locally. 

Get a detailed insight into the offers or messages sent to your customers.

The number of messages sent and clicked on is recorded together with the respective time. Data on the customer group and zones is also recorded. 

The insights and data provided by Aerolytics are based on 100% freely definable zones.

This means that your situation on site can be accurately mapped in a virtual plane. Whether it's stores, exhibition stands, departments or other areas, with Aerolytics you can capture all areas in detail. 

Find out how many returning customers or new visitors you have and more. 

With groups such as VIP, you can define individual customers (anonymized) and track their shopping experience as an example. This makes it easy to create customer journey maps and similar concepts. 

Besucheranalytik, Echtzeit-Engagement


Gain new insights into the performance of individual stores, stands or other freely definable areas. Visitor traffic, heat maps, customer insights and more!
Aerolytics helps you to check your performance in real time and provides you with an evaluation basis for decision-making.


With the help of Aerolytics, your customers can easily find their way around. Whether retail store, shopping center or trade fair, Aerolytics shows the right way.

Ensure that all products, stores or stands are easy to find with the help of individually created maps.


Reach your customers at their current locations with customized messages and exclusive offers. Whether you want to advertise new products or draw attention to special promotions, Aerolytics enables you to communicate directly and in a targeted manner.

The aim is to send customers relevant offers for stores or products that are in their immediate vicinity.

Gaining new insights into customer behaviour

Would you like to develop a tailor-made marketing strategy for your shopping center, airport or trade fair, taking the needs of your customers into account? Then Aerolytics is the solution for you. Our innovative software records and evaluates your customers' movement data in real time, enabling you to optimize your marketing strategy.

aerolytics offers new insights into the behaviour of end customers both indoors and outdoors, enabling operators to optimize their business. In addition, aerolytics also provides its own marketing channels that can be used for internal and external advertising (with corresponding remuneration).

The software can enable end customers to navigate easily in your space and also address them directly with suitable offers or messages.

With the information collected, you can adapt and optimize your company in a targeted manner, e.g. in the area of marketing or building planning. The additional added value for end customers allows you to increase customer loyalty, among other things. The public perception of your company is also positively influenced by the provision of modern functions.

End customers can use the navigation function to find everything they need at a glance.

In addition, your customers can, if they wish, receive offers or relevant news in their area to make them aware of new products or discount promotions.

There are various ways to use aerolytics. The software is available both as a standalone APP in the classic sense and as a plug-in in an existing APP. This allows you to integrate your existing user groups.

To attract completely new users, combined advertising campaigns with flyers or banners can be used to draw attention to the app. The investments for advertising campaigns are thus used twice. This not only increases your own turnover, but also increases your own reach with combined campaigns.

Classic use cases for aerolytics are shopping centers, trade fairs, airports and retail. However, our software is also relevant for other fields of application.

aerolytics provides an overview of analog customer behavior directly on site. The software is therefore best suited for areas with many visitors. 

Since aerolytics was developed and tested in a practical way using one of the largest outlet centers in Europe, it is not surprising that our initial customer feedback has been very positive.

The reason for the positive feedback is that aerolytics can address known customer problems and provide important information.

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Our IT solutions for public authorities improve the efficiency of administrative processes and promote digital innovation in the public sector to meet the needs of citizens.

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