Digital transformation in the education sector: Aeroaccess designs secure and efficient IT solutions

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IT in education: Digital efficiency and security

The learning landscape is undergoing a comprehensive transformation due to digitalization, in which IT plays a central role. Aeroaccess accompanies you from the networking of educational data to the implementation of cybersecurity measures with tailor-made IT solutions. We support your institutions securely and efficiently in their digital transformation, from initial consultation to ongoing support. Our more than 15 years of experience enable us to offer you a comprehensive service.

The diversity in the education sector requires customized solutions for schools, universities and further education institutions. Aeroaccess supports institutions on the path to successful digital transformation. From consulting to support, we offer comprehensive IT solutions for a secure and efficient digital future.

Challenges and key factors in the education system

In the education sector, specific priorities are of paramount importance to ensure effective and safe knowledge transfer

Ensure safety in the education system:

Advancing digitalization in the school sector is leading to the increased use of online platforms and networked systems. Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of educational data in networks is a key challenge.

Protection of personal student data:

With the increasing use of digital learning platforms, the protection of personal student data is becoming increasingly important. Strict compliance with data protection guidelines is essential to protect the privacy of students.

Raising awareness of cybersecurity in educational institutions:

Staff and students in educational institutions need to be made aware of the dangers of cyber threats, as human factors are often a weak point in network security.

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From network solutions to advanced security measures - our comprehensive service portfolio covers the entire spectrum. We support you from the initial consultation and planning, through precise implementation, to the long-term maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure. You can rely on our expertise to make your networks secure and efficient.

Network solutions

Advanced security measures

Advice and planning

Precise implementation

Maintenance and support

Successful network security in teaching and research institutions

Our expertise in the school sector is reflected in successful projects in which we have implemented outstanding security solutions. Our Referenzen aus Bildungseinrichtungen demonstrate how we have effectively integrated data protection, network security and cybersecurity awareness. By working closely with teachers and administrators, we have created sustainable security measures and established ourselves as a reliable partner in the education sector. These references are not only proof of our expertise, but also valuable guides for educational institutions looking to overcome similar challenges.

Efficient IT support through managed IT services: Advantages for companies

Proactive monitoring

Fast response times

Cost efficiency

Focus on core competencies

Security gain


Continuous optimization

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The use of managed IT services offers companies a wide range of benefits. This includes closing skills gaps, as external experts can take on tasks that internal teams may not have the time or experience for. These services also enable cost savings through variable cloud spend and clear, predictable monthly fees. Reliability increases as managed service providers are responsible for the continuous availability of services, which reduces the burden on internal IT teams.

Consulting, planning, implementation through to maintenance and support.

Our expertise lies in providing customized network solutions and advanced cybersecurity through firewalls. We develop networks that integrate seamlessly into your healthcare facility's operations while meeting the highest security standards. With our many years of experience, we are your trusted partner from planning to implementation. 

After the purchase, our services go far beyond implementation. We understand that ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your network infrastructure is critical. That's why we offer a comprehensive package of services to ensure your investment is protected for the long term. 

Individual solutions for every industry


Our IT solutions in the education sector create a modern learning environment and support educators in providing high-quality educational services for an innovative learning environment.


Our healthcare IT solutions optimize patient care and increase the efficiency of clinical processes to ensure advanced and patient-centric care.


With innovative IT solutions, we are shaping the future of transport, optimizing logistics processes and ensuring seamless networking in the transport industry.


Industrial IT solutions increase productivity, promote efficiency and contribute to the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry to create competitive advantages.

Hotels and restaurants

We offer innovative IT solutions for the hotel and catering industry to create first-class guest experiences while efficiently optimizing operational processes.


Our retail solutions optimize business processes, increase customer satisfaction and promote your brand's digital presence in an ever-changing market environment.

Towns and municipalities

With advanced IT solutions, we support cities and municipalities in their digital transformation to create a smart and connected future for citizens.

Public authorities

Our IT solutions for public authorities improve the efficiency of administrative processes and promote digital innovation in the public sector to meet the needs of citizens.

Financial services

In the financial sector, we offer customized IT solutions that promote security, efficiency and innovation to provide your customers with a modern and reliable service.

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Digital optimization: Aeroaccess brings 15 years of IT expertise to the education sector

With over 15 years of experience, Aeroaccess is your reliable partner for innovative IT solutions in the education sector. We support educational institutions in their digital transformation, offer customized network solutions and ensure data protection and security for an optimal learning environment.

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