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Dear customer, we will trade in your network equipment.

At aeroaccess we understand that technology is constantly evolving and we want to help our customers keep up with the latest network standards. That's why we offer a Investment protection, which allows you to trade in your old appliances and receive a generous bonus.

Netzwerk Trade-In Garantie

What does investment protection mean?

The idea was born even before the aeroaccess from the direct needs of our customers: Network technology is a very fast-moving technology. Many customers cannot wait for the latest standard to be implemented and available in specific products and solutions. For many, this means a loss of performance, which ultimately costs effectiveness, i.e. money.

Wie funktioniert der Investment protection?

We help those in need of innovation out of their dilemma. We buy back your old material. For small and medium-sized projects, the discounts are calculated as a percentage of the new acquisition value in order to keep the workload on both sides within limits. For larger projects, however, we have already bought back the exact depreciation value after detailed calculations in order to optimize the user's profitability.

What will happen to the old equipment?

At aeroaccess this material is reconditioned by us, completely refurbished, if available according to the manufacturer's specifications, and sent for secondary recycling. The devices must be in good condition for us to accept them as payment. If you are interested, ask about our refurbees at absolute top prices.

Wie kann ich von dem Investment protection profitieren?

To take advantage of the various benefits of our investment protection we ask you to register your equipment with aeroaccess. This simple step allows us to fully understand your requirements and offer you customised solutions. If you have any questions or need additional support during the process, our dedicated sales team will be happy to assist you

Simply contact us at We're here to make sure your network renewal goes smoothly and you get the best possible upgrades for your network. Rely on aeroaccess - for technology that goes further.

What is aeroaccess's mission?

At aeroaccess, our mission is clearly defined. We strive to meet your network needs through best-in-class technology and reliable service. Our trading platform not only enables seamless upgrades, but also promotes the sustainable use of network resources.

Our goal is to increase efficiency through investment protection, optimise resources and help you take your network to the next level. Trust aeroaccess when it comes to trading network equipment - we make technology accessible and sustainable.

This makes technical, commercial and ecological sense - even without an environmental label.

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Since its foundation, aeroaccess GmbH has been an internationally oriented and customer-focused company.

Worldwide service: 175 countries
Solution: Everything from one source
Experience: 15 years
Certified: By market-leading manufacturers such as HPE, Aruba, Fortinet, Juniper

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