Network configuration

Maximum efficiency and availability

Planning, implementation and management of your network configurations

aeroaccess offers comprehensive configuration services to maximize the efficiency and availability of your network infrastructure. From pre-configuration and inventory management to on-site or remote configuration, Aeroaccess offers customized solutions to ensure your network devices are fully functional and ready for use.

Netzwerk Konfiguration in München

Network configuration

Our configuration services include:

Pre-configuration: We configure your devices according to your specific requirements before delivery. In addition, we carry out a 24-hour burn-in test to ensure that your devices work flawlessly and RMA cases are avoided.

Inventory management and labeling: We manage and label your devices to ensure smooth integration into your infrastructure.

On-site configuration: We configure your devices on site to ensure a fast and seamless implementation.

Remote configuration: Providing remote configuration services to ensure a rapid response to changes and problems in your infrastructure.

What is network configuration?

The configuration of network and security devices refers to the adjustment and optimization of settings and parameters on these devices to ensure an effective, secure and reliable network. This includes, for example, firewalls, switches, routers, WLAN controllers, access points and much more. Configuration includes setting up IP addresses, VLANs, routing protocols, security policies, filters and other settings to ensure that the network meets the customer's requirements.

Pre-configuration prior to delivery with a 24-hour burn-in test includes adjusting the device settings before they are delivered to the customer and running a test to check the performance and operational reliability of the devices to ensure they meet the requirements. Inventory management and labeling includes managing the inventory of devices and labeling to enable easy identification and tracking.

How can the customer benefit?

Through our configuration services, the customer can ensure that all network and security devices are properly set up and optimized to meet the needs of their business. This leads to greater efficiency, productivity and security, which ultimately contributes to a better bottom line. 

What is aeroaccess's mission?

Our configuration services are designed to increase your operational efficiency, minimize downtime and maximize the availability of your network devices. With Aeroaccess as your partner, you can be sure that your network configurations are always up to date and working optimally.

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Since its foundation, aeroaccess GmbH has been an internationally oriented and customer-focused company.

Worldwide service: 175 countries
Solution: Everything from one source
Experience: 15 years
Certified: By market-leading manufacturers such as HPE, Aruba, Fortinet, Juniper

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