Vulnerability Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities with Aeroaccess Vulnerability Assessment

Proactive measures for a robust security strategy

The Aeroaccess Vulnerability Assessment offers you a comprehensive analysis of your digital environment to uncover potential vulnerabilities and risks. Our experts use state-of-the-art technologies to identify vulnerabilities before they become serious threats. With clear recommendations for action, we support you in protecting your company from cyber attacks. Aeroaccess - your trusted partner for proactive security.
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Detect and manage threats in the network

A vulnerability assessment is an important process in which an organization's network and systems are checked for potential security vulnerabilities and threats. It helps to identify and evaluate potential threats to ensure that important data and systems are protected against attacks and data loss. The review includes checking the network infrastructure, applications and operating systems to ensure that all systems are securely configured and protected against threats. It is an important part of a comprehensive information security strategy to identify and close potential security gaps before they can be exploited by attackers.

Identifizierung und Schutz vor Netzwerkschwachstellen

Prevention of security vulnerabilities

A vulnerability assessment identifies potential weaknesses in a network, system or application that could serve as an entry point for attackers. Closing these gaps significantly reduces the risk of a successful attack.

Increased compliance

Many regulations and standards require companies to regularly check their IT systems for vulnerabilities. A vulnerability assessment is an effective means of meeting these requirements and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Data protection and reputation

A successful attack on the network can lead to data loss, reputational damage and financial losses. Regular vulnerability assessments minimize the risk of such attacks and protect the integrity of data and reputation.

Why Aeroaccess for your vulnerability assessment?

At Aeroaccess, we understand that your organization's security is a top priority. Our vulnerability assessment goes beyond traditional approaches by using advanced technologies to uncover potential weaknesses. With a dedicated team of security experts, we not only provide a comprehensive analysis, but also clear and practical recommendations for action. Choose Aeroaccess to ensure your business is always one step ahead and optimally protected.
Identifizierung und Schutz vor Netzwerkschwachstellen

Individual solutions for every industry


Our healthcare IT solutions optimize patient care and increase the efficiency of clinical processes to ensure advanced and patient-centric care.


With innovative IT solutions, we are shaping the future of transport, optimizing logistics processes and ensuring seamless networking in the transport industry.


Our IT solutions in the education sector create a modern learning environment and support educators in providing high-quality educational services for an innovative learning environment.


Industrial IT solutions increase productivity, promote efficiency and contribute to the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry to create competitive advantages.

Hotels and restaurants

We offer innovative IT solutions for the hotel and catering industry to create first-class guest experiences while efficiently optimizing operational processes.


Our retail solutions optimize business processes, increase customer satisfaction and promote your brand's digital presence in an ever-changing market environment.

Towns and municipalities

With advanced IT solutions, we support cities and municipalities in their digital transformation to create a smart and connected future for citizens.

Public authorities

Our IT solutions for public authorities improve the efficiency of administrative processes and promote digital innovation in the public sector to meet the needs of citizens.

Financial services

In the financial sector, we offer customized IT solutions that promote security, efficiency and innovation to provide your customers with a modern and reliable service.

Overview of our services

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Information Security

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Managed Security

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Compliance Security

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Custom Security

Two businesses are not the same. Discover our customized security solutions to meet your unique requirements.

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