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IT-Lösungen mit 15+ Jahre Erfahrung

aeroaccess ist ein mittelständisches, unternehmerisch geprägtes, technik- und dienstleistungsorientiertes Systemhaus für Netzwerktechnik und Netzwerksicherheit.

Ihr vertrauenswürdiger IT-Experte. Als spezialisiertes IT-Systemhaus bieten wir umfassende Lösungen für Netzwerk, Cybersicherheit und Managed Services. Wir planen, konfigurieren und warten Ihre IT-Infrastruktur und setzen moderne Netzwerklösungen und Cybersecurity-Maßnahmen um. Verlassen Sie sich auf unsere Expertise und sorgen Sie mit effizienten Managed Services für einen reibungslosen IT-Betrieb in Ihrem Unternehmen

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companies are increasingly affected by cyber attacks

More than half of the companies surveyed, namely 52%, now feel that their existence is threatened by cyber attacks. This is a significant increase compared to 45 percent a year ago and a huge increase compared to just 9 percent two years ago. This consistently high threat level underlines the urgent need for all companies to strengthen their IT security measures.

Quelle: ¹bitkom.org , ²de.statista.com

Do you have the data of your customers' data protected well enough?

Die Zahl der Identitätsdiebstähle nimmt stetig zu. Wenn die Daten Ihrer Kunden gestohlen werden, müssen Sie neben hohen Geldstrafen auch mit dem Verlust von Vertrauen und Reputation rechnen.¹

Über 200 Milliarden Euro Schaden für deutsche Unternehmen durch Cyberangriffe 2023

Im dritten Jahr in Folge erlitt die deutsche Wirtschaft durch Diebstähle, Industriespionage und Sabotage Schäden in Höhe von mehr als 200 Milliarden Euro.²

The question for companies is now not whether they will fall victim to cybercrime, but when.

„Im Fokus von Cyberkriminalität sind besonders kleine und mittlere Unternehmen. Dort können Phishing- oder Ransomware-Attacken existenzbedrohende Auswirkungen haben.“²

Individual solutions for every industry


Our healthcare IT solutions optimize patient care and increase the efficiency of clinical processes to ensure advanced and patient-centric care.

Trade fair

In the midst of digital change, the trade fair industry faces the challenge of keeping pace with growing digitalization. Local trade fair operators need innovative technologies in order to position themselves successfully in this dynamic environment.


With innovative IT solutions, we are shaping the future of transport, optimizing logistics processes and ensuring seamless networking in the transport industry.


Our IT solutions in the education sector create a modern learning environment and support educators in providing high-quality educational services for an innovative learning environment.


Industrial IT solutions increase productivity, promote efficiency and contribute to the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry to create competitive advantages.

Hotels and restaurants

We offer innovative IT solutions for the hotel and catering industry to create first-class guest experiences while efficiently optimizing operational processes.


Our retail solutions optimize business processes, increase customer satisfaction and promote your brand's digital presence in an ever-changing market environment.

Towns and municipalities

With advanced IT solutions, we support cities and municipalities in their digital transformation to create a smart and connected future for citizens.

Public authorities

Our IT solutions for public authorities improve the efficiency of administrative processes and promote digital innovation in the public sector to meet the needs of citizens.

Financial services

In the financial sector, we offer customized IT solutions that promote security, efficiency and innovation to provide your customers with a modern and reliable service.

Our success stories: References and experiences

Network solution with WLAN and location-based services for biggest outlet center in Europe

Aeroaccess GmbH is implementing a mobility solution from Mist Systems in Outletcity Metzingen, the largest outlet center in Europe. Careful planning, extensive experience from previous projects and first-class hardware and software services ensure comprehensive coverage with wireless Internet access and software-controlled location-based services (LBS).

outletcity metzingen referenze aeroaccess

Even if the Marketing machine of online retailers is in full swing and dominates the discourse in the media and society: Brick-and-mortar retail is still almost 90 percent of retail sales. Market researchers are convinced that brick-and-mortar stores will still be one of the most important pillars of customer loyalty in retail in 2025 provided they continue to develop and meet customer expectations

WLAN enhances stationary retail

Location-based services with Virtual Bluetooth LE

WLAN in parking garage as a challenge

Individual planning of each store WLAN

AI provides reliability

Cloud platform provides flexibility

equipped locations
1000 +
Countries supplied
150 +
Years of experience
12 +

The collaboration with Aeroaccess has fully met our high expectations on both a technical and communicative level. The experts at Aeroaccess have a wealth of experience and are always coming up with new ideas on how to further improve performance and range. We have built up a trusting relationship with them. The cooperation with the Aeroaccess managers was always professional and efficient.

OCM Outletcity, Metzingen Simon Drees
Director of Omnichannel Services and Innovation
IT-Lösungen München