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aeroaccess implements global authentication solution for more than 50,000 devices

Ismaning – The BYOD trend is an important issue for the customers of the aeroaccess system house. Top DAX companies from Germany with large, widespread networks trust the mobile enterprise solutions from the experts. aeroaccess recently completed a project to implement guest access authentication as a global service with central configuration and central management for data centers in Europe, Asia and America. The fully redundant network includes more than 50,000 clients, and more than one and a half million authentication requests are managed daily.
As part of the BYOD trend, more and more employees are using their own personal smart phones, tablets and notebooks at work. Companies are compelled to make fundamental changes to their corporate IT in order to protect their networks from unauthorized access. One specific approach is to introduce central management for devices and applications and integrate them into the company processes.

Separating employee and guest access
aeroaccess achieved this objective in its current project with an international company. The company's management was looking for a solution that could manage more than 50,000 clients, including both in-house and guest devices. For security reasons, the company required the option of a strict separation of guest access and internal employee authentication. In addition, the system had to have a standardized configuration across the global area of operation, and have a redundant connection to the active directories in Europa, Asia and America. Because the failure of one of the central nodes would result in difficult or impossible access for thousands of employees in the affected part of the world, the decision-makers also wanted a failover in case of a hardware failure as well as hardware service for the devices in all three regions.

Central management with cluster structure
aeroaccess solved this task by installing Aruba Networks ClearPass. The BYOD solution can be used for internal company authentication as well as for establishing guest access. To do so, all WLAN controllers use Aruba ClearPass as an AAA server, not only for authentication against the active directory for employees, but also to provide the captive portal for guest access.

Failover across all data centers
The solution is divided into three zone clusters for global use; at the same time, the configuration is synchronized across the entire cluster structure. The integration of the two active directories is done via various user policies. The same applies with regard to the failure safety: local HA clusters per solution/location provide enhanced fail-safe protection. The implementation of the clusters in conjunction with the additional failover across all three data centers means management can work with confidence on all continents. With the authentication solution, employees can be identified worldwide on company-owned or personal WLAN clients, as can guests who wish to access the company WLAN. The interface for guest registration is also available in the corporate identity design. The system currently manages up to 1,540,000 authentication requests each day.

"For organizations and companies, it is absolutely necessary that they use internal and external resources effectively in order to reach their objectives," explained Thomas Rödel, managing director of aeroaccess GmbH. "To this end, it must be possible to ensure sufficient and secure network access for employees as well as guests, service providers, suppliers, and customers, without limiting the access any more than is necessary. At the same time, all internal and external requirements for information security must be considered, such as the protection of confidential company data on a global level. The various legal requirements were also another reason why the use of professionals was an absolute necessity for this project."

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Thomas Rödel, CEO of aeroaccess GmbH
Thomas Rödel, CEO of aeroaccess GmbH

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