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Today, nothing can be done without IT. But we only notice when it stops working.

IT Service
What began decades ago as an idea of technology enthusiasts is now a component of every company, and it’s often the most essential component: Business is impossible without IT that runs like clockwork.

The onslaught of new developments in this area plays a major role in increasing the efficiency of a company. This is an ever-ongoing process that also secures future growth.

At the same time, the requirements for managing this system have also increased.
Technical, financial, and legal factors make it necessary to provide continuous further development for IT employees and managers that goes far beyond the core business of the company.

This is particularly true in mobile communications, as the usual IT requirements are coupled with high frequency technology for Wi-Fi networks and laser technology for free space optics. These matters need to be examined to determine their technical feasibility and data security. The environmental issues and, above all, the legal framework also need to be taken into account in accordance with the latest technology, which is constantly changing.

It goes without saying that internal IT activities require external support. How else could you possibly keep up to date with ideas that were put into new technologies and products in the provider’s development laboratory yesterday and are already on retailers’ shelves tomorrow. It is almost impossible to do your own product research as product development cycles are quicker than the time a good author needs to publish the information in a book. Seminars and training courses are a step in the right direction; however, they are often only suitable for covering the basics or special topics due to a lack of time on the part of the participants.

Why don’t you let the specialists take over? This is what they do best! They deal with all of the aspects mentioned above on a daily basis and have many years of hands-on experience and they are continuously expanding it.

It makes perfect sense. You wouldn’t let a trainee service the complex injection system in your new diesel car, would you?