Pre-sale Services

Mobile solutions require proper preparation

Before you begin your project, you probably perform the usual set of technical and commercial analyses and look at the market to determine what solutions for your problem are already out there, what they cost, what kind of internal personnel requirements you will face, and how long it will take to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Your specialists are on hand for your customer projects. They can handle the technology and keep the costs under control thanks to sound training, relevant practical experience, and the right tools. This is the key to your success.

Why is this not always the way forward with mobile computing projects?

Market development can explain a lot here. Unlike other solutions, mobile technologies are developed for both home and commercial applications. Private users install the solutions first for various reasons, meaning they are already gathering experience while IT departments are falling behind. Marketing departments and the media are following this trend, but also making efforts to bring the two areas together.

However, consumer solutions are still a long way from being able to take the requirements of a professional environment into account.

Far too often is it the case that installations have to be replaced because the follow-up costs for operation and maintenance can no longer be sustained by a commercial operation, and this is long before the service life and period of amortization expire.

In addition, mobile technologies require different basic knowledge and skills. Computers, networks, and high frequency technology are all equally important. If you throw telephone applications into the fray, project planners and employees must also have the necessary practical experience. A fully functioning overall system is just a partial success. Optimization in terms of versatility and minimizing costs do not contradict each other, but they stand as an obvious objective, just like in other industries.

We place it on ourselves to deliver optimum results by focusing on mobile solutions and employing well-trained experts. Our work sets out to solve your problems and contribute to your success.

To this end, we follow a typical project path while offering the following services:

– Determination of requirements
– Inventories
– Security audits
– Creation of specification sheets
– TCO and ROI calculations
– Budgeting
– Sub-project planning
– Project planning for end-to-end solutions
– Adjustments to existing infrastructures
– Interface definitions
– Detailed planning
– Opening a call for bids
– Security concepts
– HF surveys
– Site surveys
– Local and global rollout concepts
– Installation instructions
– Installation
– Commissioning
– User training
– Operator training
– Advanced training

We offer these services as a planner, project engineer, as part of project management, as a sub-contractor, or a partial or general contractor.

We rely on our international experience:

  • Transnational concepts require solid legal knowledge of the relevant high frequency approval standards of the target country.
  • When exporting, it is necessary to comply with the respective security and legal requirements of the export and import country.
  • Some countries have national regulations regarding Wi-Fi products (for example, the U.S., Israel) that prohibit the export of standard products.
  • Special licenses are required for importing into many countries, including some countries in Europe.

Our expertise in this field can reduce costs and ensure instant optimization. Our specialists are here for you.