Managed Services

Making employees and resources more flexible with the highest level of security

Managed Services
The trend toward mobile workstations is nothing new. This was once considered necessary only for field employees, but companies have long come to realize that having more flexible employees means having more flexible workstations. The requirements are always the same. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the home offices of permanent employees, connecting external or temporary employees in a flexible manner, or working together in local or global virtual working groups.

Mobile working presents a whole new set of risks:

  • Does the virtual network meet the internal security standards in terms of intrusion protection, protection against viruses and trojans, etc.?
  • Is the data transmitted protected adequately against unauthorized access?
  • Is it guaranteed that infrastructure, operating systems, and applications are kept up to date?
  • Is this security level still up to date or already out of date?
  • Do the server security standards correspond to the mobile requirement profiles?
  • What would happen if a notebook was lost or stolen?


The concept itself and how it is implemented internally can answer these questions as long as the workstations are using local access. IT is ultimately responsible.

However, IT possibilities and capacity are often limited. This holds true in particular if the Internet is used as a transport medium and multiple providers form part of the chain of transmission.

We offer a range of different models to satisfy all of these requirements:


We offer software and services to ensure that your mobile employees can access data and applications in a secure manner. Our solution guarantees that the mobile end devices and the data stored on them is fully protected against the threats that go hand-in-hand with mobile working. Transmissions over the Internet are encrypted and tunneled, ensuring network data security. We can provide threefold security, depending on the application profile, delivering complete transparency for IT managers.
Nothing has to be changed or configured on the clients themselves, ensuring a high degree of flexibility. Employee productivity does not depend on IT.

Data center services

Together with various application and hosting providers, we offer complete packages specially tailored for customers whose IT requirements can be considered secondary. This could include medical practices, law firms, tax consultants, etc. who still operate in a group or are connected to a central (partial) solution. The user can choose from a range of different protection levels depending on individual security requirements and obtains the corresponding infrastructure, provided that this has not already been determined by legal regulations. Users do not have to worry about servicing the components. We take care of updates, integrate the latest security patches, and perform maintenance. We can also provide Wi-Fi Internet access on the premises. This is generally completely wireless, with the exception of the WAN router, even for multiple access points.

Operator models

We have developed a number of models for application providers that would like to, or are required to, offer their customers the services mentioned above themselves. Here, the provider assumes the main tasks and we provide only support or system technology with or without maintenance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are a user or operator in need of our services. We are happy to clarify the possibilities. Likewise, we can get in touch with your provider.

Mobile security audits

If you would like to continue providing these services yourself, we are happy to provide support with local and global implementation. Our specialists can perform a security audit, whereby they carry out an inventory to identify your protection requirements, or indeed those of your customers, and provide support during implementation and integration.


The security of mobile solutions, regardless of what size, is not a question of the system, but rather how the system is set up and implemented. We make sure that IT does not interfere with your flexibility.