After-sales Services

Keep maintenance calculable

Mobile solutions in commercial use can often be categorized as application-critical. They can move quickly to become mission-critical and even existence-threatening in the event of a failure.

IT technology in particular is often only seen as a cost factor. Services agreements, like used in other production areas, are not just unconditionally accepted for mobile products. This is partially due to the manufacturer not offering sub-services.

Lastly, it is up to management to decide which services are required for which solutions, which can be provided independently, and which need to be purchased.

We offer all manufacturer services. These vary greatly depending on product line, and providing a detailed list here would cause more confusion than clarity. We are happy to provide you with detailed information during the product selection process.

Modern service solutions also offer significant savings potential. We have been successful in implementing 100-percent redundant installations, without requiring two of every device, in a number of projects by selecting the right components and deploying custom configurations. In many areas, 1:n concepts require a rethink, but these are extremely cost-efficient if implemented consistently.

It goes without saying that we offer the customary service level (depending on region and logistics connections) for the products and end-to-end solutions we sell: from guaranteed recovery times of four hours to NBD (next business day) exchange, with or without service technicians, right through to warehouse replacement. In areas where we are not represented, we can procure services or take on the role of a general contractor and integrate third parties into our structures.

Costs here can vary greatly depending on the basic services implemented by the manufacturer and the type of contract in question. We put into effect fault management as well as long-term contracts with documentation, maintenance, and service over the course of the entire service life.

We have incorporated the following additional services into our standard portfolio (provided the product can support the service) at the request of our customers and offer these services at very attractive prices:

Pre-configuration was primarily developed for pending locations. We work together with you to develop a system solution and then configure the system, or accept the configuration files you provide. We subject the solution to both a plausibility and burn-in test. We can assume responsibility for system documentation and documentation management, if desired. It is not necessary to deploy specialist employees to the location.

We install a defined access point for remote maintenance , over which you have control at all times. In the event of an error, or at defined maintenance intervals, you enable access and we can then perform the necessary work. This means you can avoid expensive on-site operations in more than 90 percent of cases.

We assume full responsibility for handling the latest product firmware releases in terms of firmware maintenance. Depending on the scope of the situation, we examine the reason for your installation and its purpose, test the basic functions, and check to see if any adjustments or preparation is necessary. We maintain regular contact with the manufacturer to ensure we benefit from optional innovations and to guarantee we are first to implement security-related patches. Your specialists can focus on their core tasks and still be sure that their system is up to date with the latest security standards.

The purpose of manufacturer training courses is to provide participants with a basic level of knowledge for a particular product line. Your service philosophy and requirements profile are usually not taken into account here. For this reason, we offer training courses for your IT employees, which you can take advantage of as a supplementary or alternative solution. This means we can go into more detail on the products you employ and the future tasks your specialists will be responsible for. A Level 1 technician requires different expertise to a system administrator.

Depending on your particular application, we are happy to explain potential solutions or specific implementations. A service tailored to your requirements is often more cost-efficient than expected. Please feel free to contact us.