Refurbished Equipment with Guarantee

If appearance and packaging are not so important
Tested used goods with warranty for a small price

Refurbished Equipment with Guarantee
Whatever the condition of refurbished equipment, aeroacces will provide top quality, full functionality, clean equipment, standard warranty and the ability to take parts under multi-year service. And all for an unbeatable price.

The basis for offering remanufactured products is the Aeroaccess "Trade-In Guarantee", through which our customers can resell their old equipment to us when they buy, re-purchase, or expand.

What was originally developed by us as a response to the lack of EAR and WEEE cycles by American manufacturers has enjoyed consistent popularity over the years. Our customers could not only save the disposal costs, but also got a good monetary advantage for, in total, good material.

After actively drawing our customers' attention to our trade-in warranty, we were very surprised to see requests for exactly that kind of equipment, as a spare part, as an extension of existing systems, to quickly extend existing systems with the same hardware but also for temporary release, such as at fairs and events, where the loss of value or the imputed high rental price of a new product would exceed the benefit.

Whether extending existing systems, spare parts provision or as a rental object for trade fairs and events: Refurbees spare the IT budget.

Of course, this material may not be a beautifully written scrap. In the case of use, spare parts must function in exactly the same way as the original part, failures at the fair construction cost more than just the device price.

In order to guarantee this high quality, the material we buy back is processed by us, completely refurbished (if available according to the manufacturer's instructions), cleaned, wearing parts are renewed, and finally checked for faults in a long-term burn-in test. Our field experience shows that we can not only offer these products with the usual manufacturer's warranty, but can even extend them with the usual service agreements for new equipment, at the same price as for the new product.

This makes sense both technically and commercially. Following the zeitgeist, of course, also from an ecological point of view. Nothing is more effective than using material instead of throwing it away - without any environmental labels.

If you are interested, ask for the AA Refurbees for absolute top prices.

aeroaccess - We bring technology and business interests together.

HPE-Partner AA Supplies REMAN Devices

As an HPE partner, we have access to the HPE RENEW PROGRAM, which is also avaliable to you. In contrast to the in-house refurbish, HPERenew typically processes demo or test material completely and offers it as "as good as new". HPE delivers these products with full warranty from "new purchase date". Again, the guarantee rules of the original product apply and all common services can be purchased. The products can be recognized by an additional "R" at the end of the article number (for example HPE-JZ333A for the AP-535 as new or HPE-JZ333AR for the AP-535 as REMAN). Since these are demo goods, the most recent devices are usually available, albeit in smaller quantities. In terms of price, these REMAN devices are well below the new product values.

If you are looking for affordable prices, you should always request "HPE-R versions".

In contrast, aeroaccess trade-ins usually come from the last and penultimate generation, typically available in medium to high volumes, and at very attractive prices well below factory price.

Anyone who can do without new goods and does not want to or has to access the latest generation of systems will get a top price alternative with the aeroaccess refurbees.

Ask our sales department for prices and availability. Contact us for further information in regards to collaborations & projects:

About aeroaccess GmbH:

Aeroaccess was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing users with mobile indoor and outdoor communication, also worldwide, as a medium-sized system house.
By specialising in new and future-oriented technologies, customers increasingly demand full-service models from us. We meet this demand with our range of services, which includes planning, worldwide logistics, implementation, management, on-site maintenance and operation, also as a solution provider or leasing partner.
In total, aeroaccess currently supports more than 300,000 users in more than 170 countries in their work with mobile solutions.
Together with the move to Munich / Unterföhring, the next generation of mobile solutions can now be tackled. The focus is on end-to-end applications in order to offer customers extended functions on both user and operator level. Artificial intelligence and open APIs reduce downtime and cut down on personnel.

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