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Unsere Trade-In Garantie
Bring your WLAN up to date with the latest technology - and get a full trade-in bonus for your old one. We'll help you optimize depreciation cycles!

The idea originated even before the foundation of Aeroaccess GmbH from the direct needs of our customers: On one hand, wireless is a very fast developing technology. Many customers cannot expect that the latest standard, implemented in concrete products and solutions, will become available. This is understandable, since even today users have to share the shared medium WLAN. For many, this means a loss of performance and ultimately costs effectiveness, i.e. money.

Others use end devices, which manage today like x years ago, with such a low bandwidth that they would even get by with systems before 802.11b (11 Mbit/s). This has to be understood in subjunctive terms as far as possible, since the chipset built into old devices has long since ceased to be available on the market and the next generations will also rely on newer versions due to the system. Nevertheless, the demand for WLAN remains "reduced" in terms of what is technically feasible.

Back to the high-end users. Unfortunately, the standard case here is that the legally defined amortization has to take much longer than the technical innovation makes it possible. Even those who consistently rely on the latest available systems rarely manage to fully utilize the products according to tax regulations. Here, the next WLAN standard already provides so much additional performance that the economic view wins.
At this point, however, the needs of specialist departments and merchants can usually no longer be met, the residual book value stands in the way and no controller would like to record a special depreciation.

This is where aeroaccess comes into play:
We help those in need of innovation leave the dilemma behind. We buy their old material back. For smaller and medium-sized projects, the discounts are calculated as a percentage of the new purchase value in order to keep the workload on both sides within limits. For larger projects, however, we have already bought back the exact amortization value after detailed calculations in order to optimize the user's profitability.

We guarantee each of our customers a percentage return, whether direct or projectrelated via partners. The main thing is that it is registered with us. In case of doubt, please ask for the article and serial number and let our sales department calculate an example for you: sales@aeroaccess.de

Additionally, this material is refurbished by us, completely refurbished, if available according to the manufacturer's specifications, and sent for second use. If you are interested, ask for our Refurbees at absolute top prices.

This makes technical, commercial and ecological sense - even without an environmental seal.

aeroaccess - We bring technology and businessman together.

About aeroaccess:

Founded in 2008 and located in Unterfoehring, Germany, aeroaccess is a medium-sized, owneroperated, technology and service-oriented system house for mobile communication. The company specializes in planning, implementing, and managing mobile communication and networking environments. Customers have the opportunity to develop innovative and profitable business models without the need to invest their own resources. aeroaccess plans, implements, and maintains future-oriented mobile network environments: from trendsetting environments that facilitate online collaboration to support for a mobile and thereby more flexible workforce. aeroaccess even has employees in the Far East and China supporting a total of more than 300,000 users in 122 countries with mobile solutions in the workplace. Customers also have access to the inhouse support at aeroaccess.

Mobile communication means aeroaccess!

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