Solution Story Mobility solution with WLAN and location-based services for outlet centers
Even though the marketing machinery of online retailers is in full swing and plays a significant role in determining the discourse in the media and society in general, physical shops still account for almost 90 percent of retail sales. Market researchers are convinced that physical shops will still be one of the most important pillars in terms of …
Henkel Turns to Aruba for Centralized Management, Security and Lower TCO ARUBA zentralisiertes Management Security und geringere TCO With headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, and operations in more than 125 countries around the world, Henkel needed to deploy a wireless mobility solution on a global basis. The name behind such well-known brands as Persil, Loctite and Schwarzkopf, Henkel realised their existing wireless LAN (WLAN), based on legacy “thick” access points, would not scale, lacked the necessary security, and required too much administration. Henkel Aruba Case Study (pdf) >> more
Paris, 5G Wi-Fi meets couture in the Paris "So Ouest" shopping centre 5G-WiFi trifft Couture im Pariser „So Ouest“-Shoppingcenter System house aeroacess installs more than 400 wireless access points

Paris / Ismaning, 1st March 2015 – Close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris the shopping center "So Ouest" invites you to shop and savour. The huge building complex houses 102 shops, a supermarket, six restaurants and a cinema among other attractions. A 22-storey annexed business centre is equipped with the latest technology. This also applies to the WLAN installation which was installed by the system house aeroaccess from Ismaning. The mobile network, which is also known as 5G WLAN uses the fifth 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard at Gigabit speeds.
The Ismaning-based system house has been specialised for years in complex wireless networks and has already completed numerous international installations. The "So Ouest" project, however, presented the aeroaccess experts with special challenges in the planning and implementation of the WLAN network because at peak times more than 2,000 users log … more
Baden-Württemberg, DHBW brings its WLAN up to a high-speed level with Aruba DHBW bringt ihr WLAN mit Aruba auf Highspeed-Niveau Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg or DHBW) is the first cooperative university in Germany with integrated practice. With approximately 34,000 students and more than 125,000 alumni, it is the largest university in the state of Baden-Württemberg. In conjunction with select companies and social organizations, the DHBW offers (inter)nationally accredited Bachelor courses in the fields of economy, engineering and social services. The university is spread over nine locations and three campuses. The DHBW has been providing Wireless LAN (WLAN) across the board at every location for years. It is used by the students on-site and by the administration, as well as for connecting remotely and for working from the home office. "Students take it for granted these days that WLAN is … more
Singapur Wireless network coverage "Made in Germany" at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore aeroaccess integrates a customer-specific 802.11ac-WLAN for a large event

Ismaning, Germany – The German IT systems provider aeroaccess recently equipped the five-story exhibition and conference center at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore with a wireless LAN (WLAN) solution based on the new 802.11ac standard. The 250 meeting rooms, which provide space for up to 45,000 participants, now also offer access to high performance wireless connections. As a result, event attendees can securely log in directly to their own corporate networks.
The five-star Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore impresses visitors with more than its exceptional design which features a roof garden with a pool supported on the three hotel towers at an height of about 570 feet. The complex also includes a casino, a shopping mall, and a large conference and exhibition center. The facilities at the "Sands Expo & more
Henkel Turns to AirWave to Manage a Worldwide Network Wireless Mobility-Loesungen auf globaler Ebene With headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, and operations in more than 125 countries around the world, Henkel operates a wireless mobility solution on a global basis.

The name behind such well-known brands as Persil, Loctite and Schwarzkopf, Henkel commenced an upgrade to, and replacement of, its existing wireless LAN in 2005.
Henkel AirWave Aruba Case Study (pdf) >> more
Ismaning Mobile enterprise solutions for top DAX companies in Germany Mobile Enterprise-Loesungen fuer Top DAX-Unternehmen in Deutschland aeroaccess implements global authentication solution for more than 50,000 devices

Ismaning – The BYOD trend is an important issue for the customers of the aeroaccess system house. Top DAX companies from Germany with large, widespread networks trust the mobile enterprise solutions from the experts. aeroaccess recently completed a project to implement guest access authentication as a global service with central configuration and central management for data centers in Europe, Asia and America. The fully redundant network includes more than 50,000 clients, and more than one and a half million authentication requests are managed daily.
As part of the BYOD trend, more and more employees are using their own personal smart phones, tablets and notebooks at work. Companies are compelled to make fundamental changes to their corporate IT in order to protect their networks from unauthorized access. One specific approach is to introduce central management for devices and applications and … more
Ismaning IT system house sets up access points for more than 300,000 users Access Points Large-scale Project: aeroaccess Executes WiFi Implementation in 122 Countries

Ismaning, Germany – aeroaccess spectacularly transformed the meaning of the term ‘global networking’ this year. The system house has implemented a truly mammoth project over the last two years. The WiFi experts have equipped more than 300,000 users in 122 countries with access points and the corresponding controllers. The system house was responding to the global demand for high-security, fast, and reliable WiFi networks, as well as addressing the ‘bring your own device’ trend that is sweeping companies worldwide.
‘Tell us about your specific problem. We’ll find the right solution and the right products for the job.’ This is the motto that aeroaccess works by. And, living up to the company’s promise, aeroaccess has already solved ‘problems’ on a global scale, providing thousands of users with mobile network access. The Ismaning-based system … more