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11 years of support for Aktion Mensch – THAT WE WIN

Aktion Mensch 2020
November 2019 / January 2020: In its 11th year of existence, aeroaccess continues to support Aktion Mensch, the social lottery with the aim of creating a society in which differences are normal.

First of all to all the recipients of the lottery ticket who might see a problem in it and wonder if they are allowed to accept it: Yes, you may, with no ifs or buts. At the moment of buying the lottery ticket, this is nothing more than a donation to Aktion Mensch, which makes Aeroaccess and sends you the receipt in the form of the lottery ticket issued to you, as proof that this has been done.

We also take care of the tax side in the form of lump sum taxation. Legally, the donation is also absolutely harmless, as Aktion Mensch has confirmed to us in writing.

„If you didn't accept the lottery ticket, you'd effectively stop our donation. I don't think anybody wants that, right?"

And if you don't want to keep the lottery ticket, you can give it to someone else, or, if you win, you can donate a part of the prize!

But why are we so committed to this, even voluntarily taking over taxation?

Because we, namely our company owner and managing director Thomas Rödel, in the 11th year of the company's existence as in every previous year, have a personal need to give back part of the company's success to society.

We will buy at least one lot per customer with whom we have had a business relationship this year, regardless of the amount. Depending on the turnover, this will be considerably more.

"I'm old school," says our CEO, "I'm happy when companies point out that Christmas presents are not given away, but are given to a, usually charitable, purpose. But I would be even more pleased if I knew who is allowed to enjoy "my" gift. In order to convey this feeling of success to our customers, we give the tickets personally, transparent for each customer, because after all he gets it directly at Christmas".

"For us, the contribution, a valuable contribution, in detail only a few euros, but in total an indispensable institution for social integration that suits us: THAT WE WIN."

aeroaccess - social commitment inside and outside

If you, whether as a company or as a private person, do not yet know what you want to use your social commitment for. Take a closer look at Aktion Mensch!

Aktion Mensch consists of three closely related areas:

The social lottery: More than four million people regularly play the lottery. Participants can win money - with their lottery ticket they also support social projects.

The support: With the money from the lottery, Aktion Mensch supports projects for people with disabilities, children and young people - up to 1,000 projects a month.Since its foundation, Aktion Mensch has given around 4 billion euros to projects.

The Enlightenment: Aktion Mensch informs with actions and campaigns about inclusion - the natural living together of people with and without disabilities.

All three areas work towards the common goal of Aktion Mensch of achieving greater inclusion. So that WE can win.

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