Aeroaccess and Aktion Mensch - Together for Good

Ismaninger Systemhaus for mobile communication has been supporting Aktion Mensch for 10 years.

November 2018:
The company Aeroaccess has sponsored Aktion Mensch since its foundation, a lottery to support people with disabilities.

In the year of its 10th anniversary, the company owner and managing director, Thomas Roedel, is again personally committed to supporting those in need and thus allowing them to partake in the company's success.

"We hope that other enterprises share our passion to support humans in need and to join the Aktion Mensch as well", says Thomas Roedel, managing director of the company Aeroaccess GmbH.

The concept of Aktion Mensch is an important part of the philosophy of Aeroaccess.
In order to make a valuable contribution to this social project, Aeroaccess acquires numerous annual tickets for Aktion Mensch every year.

Every German or Austrian customer, whether a small family business or a global corporation, with whom a business relationship existed within one calendar year, receives at least one annual Aktion Mensch ticket from Aeroaccess at Christmas.


Aktion Mensch 2018
Aktion Mensch consists of three closely related areas:

The social lottery: More than four million people regularly take part. The participants can win money - with their lottery ticket they also support social projects.

The support: With the money from the lottery, Aktion Mensch supports projects for people with disabilities, children and young people - up to
1,000 projects a month. Since its foundation, Aktion Mensch has given around 4 billion euros to projects.

The enlightenment: Aktion Mensch uses activities and campaigns to inform about inclusion - the natural coexistence of people with and without disabilities.

All three areas are working towards the common goal of Aktion Mensch of achieving more inclusion. So that the WE wins.

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