VoWiFi (FMC)

Voice-over-wireless LAN

Another FMC milestone is the implementation of Voice-over-WiFi, which uses a wireless IP network as the medium for transmission of speech and data.

Earlier generations of Wi-Fi systems preferred proprietary voice implementations that functioned properly with corresponding systems from the specific manufacturers. Today, standardized features are the basis of every Wi-Fi chip.

Thanks to standards such as 802.1q (VLANs), 802.1p (Quality of Service), and 802.11e (Wi-Fi Multimedia, WMM, or Wireless Multimedia Extensions, WME) telephone calls of all kinds can be transmitted with success. Systems already make it possible to offer video, voice, and data on the same infrastructure. Corresponding triple-play applications are available for both residential (IP TV) and for commercial users (video telephony conferences).

Just by implementing telephony and data on a unified infrastructure – within the framework of a wireless-only or a combined wired LAN/wireless installation – it is possible to achieve unimaginable flexibility and enormous savings.

We were even surprised ourselves at the degree to which ideas from employees resulted in improvements to work processes, in ways no business consultant could have ever dreamed.

We are happy to show you how to cost-optimize your infrastructure to bring it to the latest technological standards and the resulting benefits you can expect. What and how much you save is up to you.