Wireless network coverage "Made in Germany" at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

aeroaccess integrates a customer-specific 802.11ac-WLAN for a large event

Ismaning, Germany – The German IT systems provider aeroaccess recently equipped the five-story exhibition and conference center at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore with a wireless LAN (WLAN) solution based on the new 802.11ac standard. The 250 meeting rooms, which provide space for up to 45,000 participants, now also offer access to high performance wireless connections. As a result, event attendees can securely log in directly to their own corporate networks.
The five-star Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore impresses visitors with more than its exceptional design which features a roof garden with a pool supported on the three hotel towers at an height of about 570 feet. The complex also includes a casino, a shopping mall, and a large conference and exhibition center. The facilities at the "Sands Expo & Convention Center" are mostly booked by international companies as part of their presence in the Asian region. It goes without saying that a typical hotel-WLAN with hot spot integration cannot always cater to every single customer-specific requirement.

Around 2,800 users simultaneously
In this case, the requirements went well beyond those of an ordinary external event. For the customer events held at the same time, almost 50 rooms had to be designed to handle 60 users with typical multiple use of the WLAN capacity. Approximately 2,800 users were expected to be working simultaneously in workshops and using key business applications. This required dedicated planning, both in terms of bandwidth and in terms of providing comprehensive coverage. An additional challenge was that the existing hotel WLAN was to be circumvented and left undisturbed. As the event was to be spread over several floors of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the complexity of the building also had to be taken into account with regard to the provision of uninterrupted coverage across critical areas.

International experience highly valued
Due to the good results obtained in previous projects, in campus environments, and in temporary installations on other occasions, the management decided to award the contract to systems provider aeroaccess, based in Ismaning, Germany. The consultants also made an impression with their international experience in terms of logistics and rollouts, as well as with their proven technical expertise with regard to current mobile technologies.

Corporate network access via VPN
The entire installation was based on the current WLAN standard 802.11ac. This allows for increased transmission rates in the gigabit range as a result of broader communication channels with up to 160 MHz. The aeroaccess team installed access points (APs) in the halls, offices and meeting rooms in order to provide comprehensive coverage in the exhibition and conference center. They created a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to the computing center of the parent company via a dedicated Internet line. This is where the traffic is decrypted and fed into the corporate network. The network thereby provides an 'in-office' feel throughout the separate areas distributed across the event campus: despite having temporary offices, the employees can work as if they are logged into their own corporate network. aeroaccess paid particular attention to ensuring login, access, and data security without creating additional hurdles for users that would complicate the actual tasks unnecessarily.

"Using the WLAN system rented from us, our partners and their customers and guests at Marina Bay Sands can work just as pleasantly, with the same optimized performance, and without any restrictions, as if they were working directly on their company's own network," comments Thomas Rödel, CEO of aeroaccess GmbH. "The fact that it is planned to use this new generation of products in 'home networks' makes us all the more pleased. The system installed at Marina Bay Sands is another international project that highlights our experience in the field of WLAN and guest management."

Further information about the company's technical applications and infrastructure solutions is available on the aeroaccess-website .

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