IT system house sets up access points for more than 300,000 users

Large-scale Project: aeroaccess Executes WiFi Implementation in 122 Countries

Ismaning, Germany – aeroaccess spectacularly transformed the meaning of the term ‘global networking’ this year. The system house has implemented a truly mammoth project over the last two years. The WiFi experts have equipped more than 300,000 users in 122 countries with access points and the corresponding controllers. The system house was responding to the global demand for high-security, fast, and reliable WiFi networks, as well as addressing the ‘bring your own device’ trend that is sweeping companies worldwide.
‘Tell us about your specific problem. We’ll find the right solution and the right products for the job.’ This is the motto that aeroaccess works by. And, living up to the company’s promise, aeroaccess has already solved ‘problems’ on a global scale, providing thousands of users with mobile network access. The Ismaning-based system house is a medium-sized, owner-operated company that specializes in innovative solutions for mobile communication. The aeroaccess concept takes a holistic approach to customer service: Specialists are always on hand to support the customer from planning and implementation, including managing the solutions the company installs.

More than 50,000 Access Points Ensure Global Network Access
More than 300,000 WiFi users have been satisfied with the outcome of this holistic customer service over the last two years. The network experts have implemented more than 50,000 access points, complete with controllers and the appropriate management software, in a number of different countries spread all over the world. Access points and the corresponding controllers have been installed in more than 122 countries. According to statements from aeroaccess, the growing demand for secure WiFi networks and simpler access methods are a major reason for the increased number of requests for modern technology.

“Of course, the ‘bring your own device’ trend also played a part in this increased demand,” explains Thomas Rödel, CEO of aeroaccess GmbH. “Because we are not tied to specific manufacturers, it allows us to respond to all requests in good time and ensure that our customers get the best solutions in terms of technology and their business. We take into consideration the systems and software currently available on the market at every step of the solution discovery process. Because we are specialists in the field, we are able to access a host of wide-ranging criteria for selecting particular manufacturers. For the most part, these criteria are determined or tested in our own laboratories

Concepts Tailored to the Customer’s Needs
According to statements made by experts, there have been a wide range of requirements for the installations carried out over the past few months. It was the job of the aeroaccess employees to develop a concept specifically oriented to the customer’s needs. aeroaccess employees also consult with the individual customer to explain how medium- and long-term expansion is possible without the need to completely restructure.

“Practical experience shows that the need for WiFi networks is steadily increasing. Reasons for this include a higher level of utilization from new devices (WiFi is a standard feature on all new notebooks), new or advanced mobile applications such as Voice-over-IP, Voice-over-WiFi, video conferencing, and video on demand, as well as new network areas yet to be covered,” adds Rödel.

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Thomas Rödel, CEO of aeroaccess GmbH
Thomas Rödel, CEO of aeroaccess GmbH

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About aeroaccess:
aeroaccess is a medium-sized, owner-operated, entrepreneurial, service-oriented system house for mobile communication that was founded in 2008 and is based in Unterfoehring, Germany. The company specializes in planning, implementing, and managing environments for mobile communication and networking environments. We give customers the opportunity to develop innovative and lucrative business models without the need to invest their own resources. aeroaccess plans, implements, and maintains future-oriented mobile network environments: from trendsetting environments that facilitate online collaboration, support your mobile workforce, and make your workplaces more flexible. aeroaccess even has employees in the Far East including China, a total of more than 300,000 users in 122 countries are supported by mobile solutions in the workplace. Support provided in-house is also available to all aeroaccess customers. More under

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