5G Wi-Fi meets couture in the Paris "So Ouest" shopping centre

System house aeroacess installs more than 400 wireless access points

Paris / Ismaning, 1st March 2015 – Close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris the shopping center "So Ouest" invites you to shop and savour. The huge building complex houses 102 shops, a supermarket, six restaurants and a cinema among other attractions. A 22-storey annexed business centre is equipped with the latest technology. This also applies to the WLAN installation which was installed by the system house aeroaccess from Ismaning. The mobile network, which is also known as 5G WLAN uses the fifth 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard at Gigabit speeds.
The Ismaning-based system house has been specialised for years in complex wireless networks and has already completed numerous international installations. The "So Ouest" project, however, presented the aeroaccess experts with special challenges in the planning and implementation of the WLAN network because at peak times more than 2,000 users log into the department store network. After extensive testing, it was clear that more than 400 access points were needed to ensure the necessary performance and coverage. The existing metal floors and ceilings, lots of glass and the extensive cooling and waste air technology of the office complex additionally complicated the network illumination and coverage.

Mobile Analysis by Tablet
To identify where the access points are best located, the aeroaccess team used OptiView XG team from partners Fluke Networks for the Wi-Fi and spectrum analysis. Using the portable tablet form factor, employees were able to move through the building and detect, analyse and solve problems relating to mobile connectivity and application problems throughout the network.

"With such challenging tasks, a major component of the project lies with the detailed planning and on-site analysis," explained Thomas Rödel, Managing Director of aeroaccess GmbH. "Our experience and research with Fluke OptiView XG have finally created ideal conditions for the installation of a powerful wireless network, which reaches gigabit speeds to achieve smooth operation."

In addition to corporate solutions, aeroaccess have realised installations in the Education sector. So, for example, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Friedrichshafen has also switched to the "Web turbo" 802.11ac with the help of the system house. More information about aeroaccess solution models can be found on the company's website.

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