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aeroaccess is a medium-sized, owner-operated, entrepreneurial, service-oriented system house for mobile communication.

We specialize in planning, implementing, and managing environments for mobile communication and networks.

We facilitate integrated business communication unlimited by time or location.

You can achieve a clear competitive advantage by using modern communication media tailored to the specific needs of your activities. We give you the opportunity to develop innovative and lucrative business models, with the option of not needing to invest your own resources. aeroaccess plans, implements, and maintains future-oriented mobile network environments that facilitate online collaboration, support your mobile workforce, and make your workplaces more flexible, even on a global scale.

Mobile communication has a new name: aeroaccess

Mobile enterprise solutions for top DAX companies in Germany | 21.10.2013

aeroaccess implements global authentication solution for more than 50,000 devices

Ismaning, October 21, 2013 – The BYOD trend is an important issue for the customers of the aeroaccess system house. Top DAX companies from Germany with large, widespread networks trust the mobile enterprise solutions from the experts. aeroaccess recently completed a project to implement guest access authentication as a global service with central configuration and central management for data centers in Europe, Asia and America. The fully redundant network includes more than 50,000 clients, and more than one and a half million authentication requests are managed daily.

IT system house sets up access points for more than 300,000 users | 12.07.2013

Large-scale Project: aeroaccess Executes WiFi Implementation in 122 Countries

Ismaning, Germany, 9 July 2013 – aeroaccess spectacularly transformed the meaning of the term ‘global networking’ this year. The system house has implemented a truly mammoth project over the last two years. The WiFi experts have equipped more than 300,000 users in 122 countries with access points and the corresponding controllers. The system house was responding to the global demand for high-security, fast, and reliable WiFi networks, as well as addressing the ‘bring your own device’ trend that is sweeping companies worldwide.

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